From the recording Cinco de Wavo


How does it feel when they say you’re so in love
You never looked better in all of your life
Don’t say a word as I gently stroke your hair
Reflecting your eyes, possessing the glow, they’re the windows of your soul

If just for a moment I thought I heard the thunder
The pounding of waves on the shore
The beating of hearts that keep the fire burning
The sound when a love comes knockin’ at the door

So many times I have waited for a friend
The records we’d find, the files we shared
Child fills a void in the hollows of the heart
So harder to find, extremely rare, when someone sincerely cares

I just have to know you, I just have to show you
It’s harder to say, this time around
You needed to trust me, you had to believe me
Stay in the arms you have to hold, I won’t ever let you go
let you go