1. Tourist

From the recording Cinco de Wavo

Gordon sings this ode to getting out of the apartment and into the streets of New York City


I am a tourist, in my own town
I am a tourist, don't get out much
I am a tourist, in my own town
I am a tourist, I can be happy!

When I go outside
Running around
Looking at buildings
Love when they're so tall
I brake for buildings
New skyscrapers
Watching them grow up in my town
All'r my children, making me happy

Going outside, feet for a ride
Out with the tide of pavement pounders
Taking the bus, blind to the rush
Noticing flowers, on Park Av'nue
Reading street signs, traffic patterns
Love the new ramps, on street corners,
didn't they used to go the other way?

High on the highline
Scanning the town
Sights all around
Circling Manhattan
Dance on a boat
Subway mosaics paint my ‘hoods
Walking the streets, on glassphalt I float

Meeting a friend, eating Midtown
Chrysler building looks so shiny
Out in the park, just before dark
Sunset glows from the Hudson
New bike lanes, mid-street islands
Don’t-walk signs with countdown timers,
wasn't this one-way street the other way?