From the recording Wave Crazed


Living in New York, it's Aerobic Commuting
Heart rate up, burning calories
Navigate the sidewalks, walking with purpose

Directional intention to my attitude thrusters
Why don't people stick to the right?
Building up a sweat, never cold in winter
Slaloming around all the human obstacles,..
stacles… stacles… stacles…

Aerobic commuting
Aerobic, aerobic, aerobic commuting

Straight-ahead stare with omnidirectional focus
(focus focus focus)
Feign indifference but nothing escapes attention
Car jumps the light, scoops me on the right

Boundary violation on the left
Check the anger-drenalin,
this is no time for walk rage!
Rage... rage... rage...

Buses and trains, only half the story
Feet connect the dots, hit the pavement pounding
Nobody said life would be low-impact

Make it to the office
cool-down period
Hydrate, recaffeinate
Switch gears now
motion-free computing

Late for work, late for dinner
Late as usual, late for my funeral