1. Baby Beware

From the recording Second Wave


A-Aeee A-oh, A-Aeee A-oh

I went down to Davis Bay to see my little lady lay
She was so delighted when
she see me she jump and say she say yay

Stateside cats they don’t wear hats the island rain will fry their brain
But my girl she takes care of me
I don’t work in no factory oh no

She will always know, what it takes to make me glow
‘cause when I start to burn she always tell me when to turn

oo—my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby do you love me?
oo—my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby do you care?
oo—my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby do you need me?
oo—my ba-ba-ba-ba-baby beware, baby beware

I went down to Christiansted to buy some food to feed my head
‘cause too much rum and too much tampi
make a mellow man get grumpy oh no

A-Aeee A-oh, A-Aeee A-oh A-Aeee A-oh, A-Aeee A-oh

Some they call me gigolo others say I move too slow
What they think I do not care
‘cause I just sing baby beware say yeah

‘cause dis a world of tieves, the broken hearted mother grieves
the secrets of the land, you keep out with your greedy hand