1. Buffalo Girls

From the recording Five on the Floor!

Veterans of '80s new wave, '90s metal and '00s electropop, The Wavos bring a multitude of influences. Like the other original songs on Five on the Floor!, this one's a bit of a departure for us. Buffalo Girls is 'country' from different countries, driven by Joe's tasty clean guitar licks and vocals, and Tone's powerhouse drumming. Gordon rounded it out with synth parts including a steel guitar patch, a bunch of sparkly lines & chords, and a vibrating bass for the psychedelic midsection. This song is dedicated to three of our best fans, the women from Buffalo NY!


Buffalo girls come out tonight
Buffalo girls go round the outside

Buffalo girls, buffalo girls, rollin' down from Buffalo world
Buffalo girls, buffalo girls, do-si-do and slide and twirl
Buffalo girls, buffalo girls, roll away to a half sashay
Buffalo girls, buffalo girls, lock and load, get ready to play!

Freedom lies on the edge of town
Nightfall moon baby comin' round
Blue sky slide as the day moves on
Dark night falls we're up 'til dawn

Do-si-do and weave the ring
Cup my nuts I'm ready to sing
Swing your partner two step two
Do-si-do all in love with you

Freedom lies on the edge of town
Nightfall moon baby comin' round
Buffalo girls and the Wavos boys
Yippee-yi-yo let's make some noise!