Five on the Floor!

The Wavos

The Wavos released their fourth EP "Five on the Floor!" on July 9th, 2021. Veterans of '80s new wave, '90s metal and '00s electropop, The Wavos bring a multitude of influences, with the original songs on Five on the Floor! being a bit of a departure from their past new wave / powerpop focus. You'll hear elements of funk, electro-pop, country flavor, and even some latin rhythms. When the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly canceled most of their 2020 touring schedule, they took it as an opportunity to record new material, in a new way. Being geographically separated in New York and South Carolina, they've been rehearsing online since 2010, using the JamKazam software. They would often arrive at a gig, in the band's adopted home-state of Virginia, and hear for the first time what a newly-added song actually sounds like when played in the same room together!

Until now they'd always meet physically in one location, either NYC or Myrtle Beach, to make new recordings together using Pro Tools on Gordon's laptop. This is the first time they've collaborated remotely on new original material, in JamKazam sessions, and it has been exhilarating. The three new original songs, brought to initial sessions in the rawest of forms, were worked out in real-time, their arrangements tweaked and refined in subsequent sessions. Band members recorded their individual parts using Pro Tools and GarageBand, shuttling music files back and forth via Dropbox. With Joe at home in Myrtle Beach and Gordon at home in NYC, they even recorded some of their vocals together simultaneously, as separate tracks in a JamKazam session. Gordon finished the production and mixes in his home studio, with Joe and Tone approving and improving them with suggestions by email and in JamKazam sessions. It was a great change of pace to use JamKazam for something besides learning more '80s cover tunes, and they're eager to start work on their next album in the same way.

The Wavos are excited about this first new release in several years, and happy to be back on the road playing their four-hours-of-fun live new wave-o dance parties!

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