1. Come Alive

From the recording Five on the Floor!

Veterans of '80s new wave, '90s metal and '00s electropop, The Wavos bring a multitude of influences. Like the other original songs on Five on the Floor!, this one's a bit of a departure for us. Come Alive is a celebratory electro-dance pop rocker about an infatuation and sexual obsession that's fulfilled when it's needed the most. Tone's syncopated drums & percussion and Gordon's synth bass give the song a kind of Latin feel, and Joe's rhythmic guitar strumming drives the choruses home.


You are a slice of heaven on toast
to sleep with you, the absolute most
When I'm with you I just can't get enough
of your excitement, so fine and rough

Mmm, drowning in your river of scent
In your direction all the light is bent
Losing my mind 'cause you are near
Intoxicated by the words I hear

You're makin' it fun, when it's you and you come, and you make me come alive!
I'm needin' you now said I'm needin' you here gotta keep it live alive!
Before you came everything was lame and I was dead inside
Now you're makin' me one, when it's you and you come, and you make me come alive!

Puppy dog waiting for a crumb to fall
Gazing at you, my master so tall
Hangin’ on every gesture and cue
Anticipate the next thing you might do

We could have the highest of times
Wrapped in each other like tequila and limes
I feel you wanting but you don't know how
Stay right there and I'll show you right now

I've never even done this before
You're lying here, a sight for eyes so sore
My hands don't ask me for permission to take
You're asleep, about to come awake

Nectar drip from your lip
Get me feeble make me trip
Cinnamon, cheesecake, like a whip
Cappuccino, let me sip

Dreaming up a dream addiction
Give in to the slightest friction
Minds merge, gripping fiction
Leave the world, that’s my depiction

No one said we couldn’t have this
Now’s the time reach out and grab this
Take the plunge, let me lunge for you,
and then you feel the truth

Take the sensory express
We deserve to feel no less
Boarding here when you are near
Just let go, no need to fear